Put simply, setting and achieving goals are the way we can turn our wants and dreams into reality. We all need goals to motivate us. Thinking, planning and working towards your goals will give you direction and bring such as sense of accomplishment- these should beambitious but achievable.They can be long term, short term or even day to day.They are most successful when we set them for ourselves.

Why not start with the end in mind. What is it you want to achieve and how do you get there? Break your goals down in to small andachievableaims and before you know it, will havereached your big goal.

  • Write them down in a journal or on an app
  • Tell a friend or trusted adult about them for some support and guidance
  • Be kind to yourself –achievinggoals doesn’t always happen in a straightforward direction, but you will get there. Each stepcounts.

Useful links

– for advice on setting goals and making them happen