We often compare ourselves to other people and critique or dwell on our perceived failings. Learning to accept ourselves and being kinderto ourselves increases yourresilienceand wellbeing.We need to accept that we are not perfect and see potential for learning and growth in any mistakes we may make.Having constant criticism in our heads about not being good enough is a sure way to be unhappy. Acceptance doesn’t mean ignoring our weaker areas but it does mean putting our imperfections into perspective.Have anawarenessof your inner dialogue. How would you speak to a friend, family or colleague? Peak to yourself in the same tone.

4 ways to Practice Self-Compassion

  1. Practice Forgiveness – accept that you are not perfect and be gentle with yourself if you make mistakes. You are valued by others because of who you are, not because you are faultless.
  2. Employ a Growth Mind set – embrace rather than avoid challenges, persist in finding meaning in them and don’t give up on yourself.
  3. Express Gratitude – rather than focusing on what we do not have appreciate what you have right now.
  4. Be Mindful – mindfulness has been found to have a positive impact on self-compassion as it has a tendency to lessen self-judgement.

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